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Sites about a topic that is nation-specific is under the category for that nation. Generalized sites are under their own categories. Sites are often in the language of the topic country, but many have pictures and diagrams that are useful no matter what your language is.

ASSOCIATIONS-this sub-category includes clubs and societies specific to certain branches. Historical societies are under the history sub-category. Many association sites have excellent photos and info relating to their subject.
EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS-a list of companies contracted to supply militaries with equipment. This is under its own category since many of these companies are completely international in scope.
FINDING MEMBERS-websites that assist with reuniting long lost comrades, retired and serving will be under Veterans.
GOVERNMENT-sub-category for federal government sites for departments of defence and veterans affairs.
HISTORY-this sub-category includes historical societies. Lists of war dead are under Memorials.
MEMORIALS-this sub-category includes war memorials, cemetaries, cenotaphs, and lists and books of war dead.
VETERANS-this sub-category is for Legion sites and sites for veteran's services. Also includes sites that reunite retired and serving members.Federal government veterans sites will still be under Government.


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Updated: 28Sept02